I love to write about trials and the legal system, tabloid media, gender, horror, our cultural ideas about "evil," and humans' relationships with animals. If you want to send someone to Titanicconsider me.


The New Republic

Abortion access, Altamont, the adjunct labor crisisbooks for children with incarcerated parents, gymnasts, sex workers, sitcoms and soap operas and stoner comedies, serial killers and superheroes and Honey Boo Boo.

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The Believer

"The End of Evil," forthcoming January/February 2018

"Remote Control," January 2014


Lapham's Quarterly

Dracula, stage blood, and Marie-Antoinette. 

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The "Scandalous" women of the nineties, the O.J. Simpson trial, and Making a Murderer



Marge Gunderson, Clarice Starling, Sarah Connor, Mad Max, and Jareth the Goblin King.



I got an MFA in fiction at Portland State University, taught a lot of classes, drank a lot of coffee, and published a lot of stories that could all be best described as Oregon Gothic. (I also wrote one about Nixon and Elvis being friends.)

I've also written nonfiction for the Toast, the Hairpin, the Awl, and more.